2021 International Conference on Computer Engineering and Innovative Application of VR (ICCEIA-VR 2021)
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2021 International Conference on Computer Engineering and Innovative Application of VR (ICCEIA-VR 2021) will be held on June 11-13, 2021 in Guangzhou, China. The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

1.  计算机工程 (Computer Engineering)

人工智能与计算智能  /  Artificial intelligence and Computational intelligence

理论与算法  /  Theory and Algorithms

机器学习/强化学习  /  Machine learning/Reinforcement learning

VLSI与计算机体系结构  /  VLSI and Computer architecture

数据库系统  /  Database system

多媒体数据库与信息检索  /  Multimedia database and Information retrieval

多媒体应用  /  Multimedia application

通信系统  /  Communication system

程序设计语言和软件系统  /  Programming languages and Software systems

计算机网络与分布式系统  /  Computer networks and Distributed systems

大规模网络  /  Large-scale network

计算机体系结构与嵌入式系统  /  Computer Architecture and Embedded systems

计算机视觉与信息可视化  /  Computer vision and Information visualization

模式识别、机器学习和数据挖掘  /  Pattern recognition, Machine learning and Data mining

计算机辅助设计/制造  /  Computer aided design/manufacturing

信号和图像处理  /  Signal and Image processing

计算机教育  /  Computer education

电子系统设计  /  Electronic system design

计算机建模  /  Computer modeling

电脑游戏  /  Computer games

计算机动画  /  Computer animation

计算机模拟  /  Computer simulation

计算实践与应用  /  Computing practices and Applications

电子商务和电子政务  /  E-commerce and E-governance

电能系统  /  Electrical Energy Systems

电机和电器  /  Motor and Electrical appliances

计算机安全与信息保障  /  Computer security and Information assurance

人机交互  /  Man-machine interaction

信息系统  /  Information system

电子、信息和控制系统  /  Electronic, information and Control systems

知识管理  /  Knowledge Management

微处理器和半导体  /  Microprocessors and Semiconductors

移动计算  /  Mobile Computing

社交媒体与云计算  /  Social media and Cloud computing

高性能与网格计算  /  High performance and Grid computing

2. VR创新技术与应用 (VR innovative technology and applications)

VR建模技术  /  VR Modelling technology

VR仿真技术  /  VR Emulation technology

VR动画技术  /  VR Animation technology

VR渲染技术  /  VR Rendering technology

VR的显示、跟踪与传感技术  /  VR Display, tracking and sensing technologies

VR人机交互技术  /  VR Human-computer interaction techniques

VR中的感知与认知技术  /  VR Perception and cognitive technology

VR/AR/MR中的图形学技术  /  VR/AR/MR Graphics technology

VR/AR/MR中的视觉技术  /  VR/AR/MR Visual technology

VR/AR/MR中的虚实融合技术  /  VR/AR/MR Virtual and reality fusion technology

VR/AR/MR工具与应用  /  VR/AR/MR Tools and application

SLAM技术  /  SLAM technology

MobileVR与WebVR  /  MobileVR and WebVR

3. 多感官体验 (Multisensory experience)

音频界面、声音渲染、空间化音频、听觉感知和心理声学  /  Audio interface, sound rendering, spatialized audio, auditory perception and psychoacoustics

体现在代理人、虚拟人和(自我)化身上的人  /  Reflection on agent, virtual person and embodiment (self)

触觉和触觉界面、可穿戴触觉、被动触觉、伪触觉、其他基于触觉的UI  /  Haptic and haptic interfaces, wearable haptic, passive haptic, pseudo-haptic, other haptic based UI

调解和减退现实  /  Mediation and subjugation of reality

多模态输入和输出  /  Multimodal input and output

多感官的渲染、登记和同步化  /  Multi-sensory rendering, registration and synchronization

感知和认知  /  Perception and Cognition

远程操作和远程呈现  /  Remote operation and Remote rendering

4. 交互 (Interaction)

3D用户交互  /  3D user interaction

3DUI隐喻  /  3DUI metaphor

协作互动  /  Cooperation and Interaction

伦理问题  /  Ethical issue

人的因素和工效学  /  Human factors and Ergonomics

输入设备  /  Input devices

运动和导航  /  Motion and Navigation

多模态/跨模态互动和感知  /  Multimodal/Cross modal interaction and perception

非疲劳性3DUIs  /  Non fatigue specificity of 3DUIs

非视觉界面(如嗅觉)  /  Non-visual interface (e.g., smell)

触摸、有形和手势界面  /  Touch, physical, and gesture interfaces

使用研究、评价方法和实证研究  /  Use research, evaluation methods and empirical research