2021 International Conference on Computer Engineering and Innovative Application of VR (ICCEIA-VR 2021)
Prof. Zhenming Zhai


Prof. Zhenming Zhai, Director of R3 Research Institute of Guangzhou University, Director of SYSU Human-Machine Interfacing Lab, and Professor of Philosophy. In the last century, he wrote the English monograph "Get Real: A Philosophical Adventure in Virtual Reality" during his tenure in the philosophy department of American University, which was regarded by American critics as "it may become a landmark work in both fields of virtual reality technology and philosophy." The book discussed in depth the disruptive impact of information technology on human life-style, and iteratively predicted and confirmed the development trend of virtual reality and extended reality. 

Prof. Zhai designed and established SYSU Human-Machine Interfacing Lab, in which "the Seamless Traversing Experience System between Virtual and Reality" has had a wide range of domestic and international influences, 2 related patents have been obtained, and 15 are in the substantive examination stage. His recent papers on the limits of artificial intelligence and machine thinking theory have been widely discussed, and there’s breakthrough on his research on Turing Test and other issues. He also accomplished in the field of digital art. He pioneered VR as a concept of reverse art and made outstanding contributions to the art and humanistic rationality of the virtual world.